opeNode FAQ

This page lists some frequently asked questions about our hosting services. If you can't find an answer to you question, don't hesitate to contact us, we are response-friendly :-).

  • General
  • 1) Do you offer database hosting ? We do not provide database hosting. However, you are free to use any database provider for MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, etc. services. For instance, mlab provides free MongoDB hosting services (sandbox). A file-based database can also also be on opeNode, for example SQLite.

  • 2) Do you provide any support for Web Sockets Yes sure! You can use the following URI wss://

  • 3) Do you offer free hosting? Yes! We have a sandbox plan in order to test your websites. See the conditions in the pricing page.

  • 4) Can I host my online game? Sure. Many online games are currently hosted on opeNode.

  • 5) Is there any tutorials/basic samples to get started? Sure. Please have a look at these samples.

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