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Push your code and get it deployed instantly using our opeNode command line interface (cli).

Cheapest pay-as-you-go Node.js Platform

You pay on a per minute basis. Whenever your website is down, you don't pay, even if your files are stored on our cloud.

NPM Integration

With your package.json files, we install your dependencies automatically and run your app in the cloud.

Project Settings and ENV

Configure your environment variables on our dashboard or via your config files. Support for .env (dotenv), package.json environment variables.

Reliable Environment

Your app runs in a secured container. If it crashes, it gets automatically restarted. Zero-second-downtime when your website is restarted.

API Integration

Use our REST API to manage your projects efficiently.

Team Management

Invite your team members on your project(s), then they are able to manage and maintain the projects.


You can access your log files from our dashboard and they get log rotated automatically.

App Metrics

View your RAM, bandwidth, and disk usage on our dashboard.

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